Auto Resources: Teens and Driving

From the time children are toddlers and can understand being in a car, they can’t wait for the opportunity to drive a car on their own. However, parents of children don’t necessarily share that opinion. With the potential dangers such as driving too fast, being distracted and showing off for friends, parents need to be concerned about the safety of their children while driving. The good news is that over time studies have been done about teen driving habits and many changes in the laws and the ways that teens are educated about driving have occurred.

From the time that a teenager is able to get their learners permit, it is important for parents to try and teach their children the importance of following rules and being safe while behind the wheel. Parents need to discuss openly the potential dangers of driving too fast, not paying attention while driving, about the problems of bad weather and not being distracted. These are lessons that are important for parents to teach their teen drivers and hopefully they will stick with the children when they have their driver’s license.

The federal government and states now realize the potential dangers that exist with teen drivers. Because of this they have created many education programs that can be useful for parents and teens to be better informed. In addition, with the implementation of Graduated Drivers License, young drivers now have restrictions on when they are able to drive. Hopefully with the increased emphasis on safety education, teens will be safer drivers now and in the future.

As a public service, we have put together some resources that can help teenagers and parents create better and safer drivers. Please feel free to check out the following resources:

Teaching Teens How to Drive

Graduated Driver Licensing

  • Graduated Drivers Licensing – Helpful Q and A on programs that place restrictions on teen drivers.
  • Arizona Graduated Licensing – Information on the rules in effect for Arizona teens which are typical of other states.
  • State GDL Laws – State by state information on the restrictions placed by Graduated Driver Licenses (GDL).
  • GDL Information – Overview of the reasoning and expectations of implementing Graduated Drivers Licenses for teens.
  • Saving Teens Lives – Informative page from the NHTSA proving information on the GDL and how it is implemented to save lives.

Teens and Bad Weather

Distracted Driving

Resources for Parents of Teen Drivers

Teen Driving Resources

  • Teen Drivers – Information on a variety of topics for teenaged drivers.
  • Teen Driver Resources – Collection of resourceful websites and information for the teenaged driver.
  • Resources on Teen Safety – Useful resources for teenagers to help remain safe while behind the wheel.
  • Teen Driving – Helpful site with a wide range of information for teenagers to assist them in being a safe driver.
  • Teen Driving Safety Tips – Tips and suggestions for teenagers on how to remain being a safe driver.
  • Teen Driver Safety – Informative site for teenagers on how to be a safe driver.