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Low Auto Insurance Rates in Kentucky


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The average annual auto insurance premium for Kentucky in 2011 is $1745, so that prices are significantly above the national average of $1440.

Annual Changes

The average annual premium in Kentucky increased by 4% in 2011 compared to 2010. This follows a reduction of 13% between 2009 and 2010. Kentucky insurance rates are set by each individual insurance company and there is no fixed rate. There is no way to predict how rates will change in the future, so that monitoring prices and obtaining frequent multiple quotes by using this site is the best way for Kentucky drivers to make sure they are getting the best rates.

Seasonal Changes

In 2010, auto insurance rates in Kentucky declined slowly but steadily, until the winter months when rates rose again and stabilized at a higher level. Because rapid fluctuations in rates can occur, consumers in Kentucky are well served by checking this site for rate trends and quotes during the year so as to obtain the best rates.

Insurance Requirements

Kentucky mandates personal liability coverage of $25,000 per person and a $50,000 limit per accident, and minimum property damage liability coverage is only $10,000. An opt-in personal injury protection plan which provides no-fault benefits is available, and the mandatory minimum coverage for this no-fault choice is $10,000. Motorists can choose between the no-fault and tort system; under the no-fault system the driver’s own insurance pays for damages in exchange for giving up the right to sue up to the limits of coverage. Under the tort system the party judged responsible is liable for all damages. In either system, purchasing coverage with limits that are high enough to protect against loss of assets is highly recommended. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is also available in Kentucky and is recommended although not mandatory.

Advice for Getting the Best Deals

Kentucky auto insurance coverage is offered by both national and regional insurers. Each company uses different methods of determining rates, so that it is impossible to predict which insurer offers the lowest rates. Obtaining multiple quotes from reliable insurance companies that are rated A or higher by A. M. Best is highly recommended. In addition the J. D. Power consumer satisfaction ratings for each company should be consulted.

The easiest way to get the lowest rates for car insurance in Kentucky is to monitor prices and obtain multiple quotes from this site.


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