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Auto Insurance Discounts Offered for Electric Cars in Texas


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electric car insurance in texasIt seems going green will help you save a little green if you buy an electric car this year and insure it through The Hartford Financial Services Group, a worldwide leader in insurance coverage.

With a projected 100,000 electric vehicles expected to be sold in 2012, The Hartford seeks to offer discount auto insurance to any driver who purchases a new electric car this year in Texas, California, Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas and Minnesota. By the end of 2012, this insurance discount will be available nationwide to all electric car purchasers.

Additionally, anyone already insured through The Hartford who is already driving an electric car will receive a 5% discount upon renewal of their policy. Since 2007, The Hartford has offered their customers a 5% discount for driving energy efficient, hybrid vehicles and plan to continue this practice.

The Hartford has been dedicated to environmental protection and awareness for many years and seeks to make it easier for working class families to make the switch. Green energy, while the clear moral choice for many, is more expensive than other forms of energy which add to the planet’s pollution. With discounts and other incentives offered by the government through tax deductions and insurance providers through discounts, green energy can become the cost-effective route for many Americans.

“The Hartford is committed to environmental protection and we are delighted to encourage others to engage in the effort,” said President of Consumer Markets, Andy Napoli, representing The Hartford.”This financial incentive is a small way we can thank our customers for helping to foster a greener environment…[and] contribute to a more sustainable future.”

A History of Environmental Awareness

The Hartford started its environmental journey in 2007 when it set a goal to reduce emissions and track climate change. By 2010, they met their goal of reducing emissions by 15%. In 2011, they set a new goal: reduce emissions by an additional 20% by 2017. That same year, The Hartford partnered up with environmental groups and non-profits to offer their members and supporters discounted home and auto insurance rates as a thank you for their efforts to protect the environment.

Electric cars are available for purchase at major car dealerships nationwide.


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